"Highly Evolved Human" to Denver

Nick Ross takes his show, HIGHLY EVOLVED HUMAN to Denver for a two weekend run.

Nick (along with Graeme Hinde) wrote a show about Nick’s experience surviving Hodgkins lymphoma. From the UCB Theater’s website:
“A joyous comedy about Nick Ross(actlikenick.com)coming to terms his cancer. Nick was 26 years old and a rising star in the New York City comedy scene when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. In his new show, "Highly Evolved Human,” he acts out anecdotes, vignettes, and fantasies from his time spent in treatment. He must also literally make peace with his cancer, personified onstage…“

The show is hilarious as well as really revealing and touching. I’m proud to have co-directed it with Leslie Meisel. Nick toured the show across the US last year then brought it to NYC for a run at the UCB Theater. He’s taking the show to his native Denver for a new two-weekend run starting March 12th at the Avenue Theater.

I’m heading out to Denver to perform with Nick in the show. My role was originated by Graeme Hinde and then played by Leslie Meisel for the UCB run. She’ll be coming out for the second weekend; I’ll be doing the first.

I’m psyched to get to play the part and perform in Nick’s great show and to travel to Denver for a weekend out of NYC. Nick and I’ll also be performing some character pieces, doing improv and teaching workshops. A full-on comedy weekend out of town.