Nate Smith v. Nate Smith

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well.  Well.

I’ve known about Portland, Oregon comedian, improviser, blogger and father, Nate Smith for a while. 

He’s come up occasionally in the NYC comedy community- primarily when he started to follow the tweet’s or tumblrings of a peer who thought that that Nate Smith was this Nate Smith.  Yes, it’s been confusing. 

Almost as confusing as it was to be at a small liberal arts college at the same time as Nate Smith, the stellar electro rock drummer (of Shy Child, et al). 

As it is probably confusing for Nate to be a New York-based drummer along with notable jazz drummer, Nate smith

Dudes- it’s a common name. This one is me: 

But primarily I found out about the comedian Nate Smith when I looked into buying a URL for my own website/blog.  He owns my first obvious choice: 

Yes, was actually my first choice- but that’s owned by some dude in Florida who isn’t doing anything with it and ain’t givin’ it up.  After a lot of deliberation (see post, April 10, 2010), I settled on the site a half of dozen people (at least!) have visited by now,

Anyway, I know Nate Smith of Portland.  The other day, out of nowhere, Nate did his best to blog me a new one, completely unprovoked: 

Like I said, I knew of Nate Smith for a while, yet did I ever take the opportunity to stick it to him for any reason whatsoever?  No.  To criticize his URL?  No.  To challenge people to steer away from his website?  No.  To publicly ridicule his looks?  No, no, no. 

But here I am, childishly prodded into an online feud with one fellow comedian with a superb moniker.  To which I say, it’s mother fucking on. 


Nate takes a jab at my URL.  Honestly, URL’s aren’t important anymore.  Neither are email addresses.  Folks either click a pasted link or type the first two characters in their browser window and follow their stored URL’s to wherever their going.  URL’s are utilitarian street addresses at this point.  To think differently is BUFFOONERY!  So you can have, Nate Smith.  God bless. 

Nate complains that I’ve surpassed in him in the google search ranking.  Really?  That’s awesome!  Thanks for pointing it out.  Unless you know how to pull some JC Penney IT black ops, I imagine I’ll stay there. 

Next Nate attacks my acting credits.  Maybe 30 Rock isn’t enough for you.  I get it.  But you have to be impressed by my role in TV’s PORTLANDIA:

No doctoring there.  That credit is the real deal.  Right there on MY imdb page next to my role as Gordon in the award-winning Hello Lonesome.  I was not actually in Portlandia, but imdb saw fit to give me that credit.  Weird.  The other Nate Smith is actually from Portland, where that awesome new comedy show was filmed.  I wonder if it was him in that show.  Doesn’t matter, does it. 

Moving on.  Making fun of my face?  Really Nate?  I can’t help it.  I can’t help that I am this good-looking.  You’re right about it all.  It’s something I have to deal with.  So do you really have to kick a guy when he’s down and defenseless?  And yes, I can grow an awesome scraggly Jewish beard in a month plus.  Can we leave it alone? 

And lastly, you propose a challenge?  An improv challenge?  To me?  A veteran of the UCB theater who has performed with the likes of Craig Rowin:

(the guy who made those “please give me a million dollars” videos on youtube)?  Oh, I’ll do it.  Nate the time and nate the place.  And be forewarned, I plan to mother fucking bring it. 

[While I’m out there, wanna hang out?  We can go to any Stumptown.  I’m pretty down with those peeps via NYC.  And I’d like to go back to Apizza Scholls which is on par with some of the best NY pizza- yes, i said that.  shut up about it with your new york pizza.  Or an awesome Thai place that I went to.  The one with the infused honeys.  Maybe I can meet your baby?].