My Super Geeky Toothy Blow Job to Space Ghost and Adult Swim

I recorded an episode of Craig Rowin’s podcast, “It’s That Episode,” a podcast where Craig gets a guest to come over, watch TV and talk about it. I asked to watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast - a show I loved in high school. Loved it so much in fact I wore SG’s logo/emblem/communicator as a tie to my prom. This is so embarrassingly dorky— by posting this I can pretty much insure I will never get laid again. (I did not get laid at prom, nor any other day of high school).

Dave Willis- a writer for SGC2C- was nice enough to recommend a couple of epi’s to watch and then talk to Craig after me. Pretty much a dream come true for me at age 17.

The episode (of the podcast):

The episode (of my life):