My Super Geeky Toothy Blow Job to Space Ghost and Adult Swim

I recorded an episode of Craig Rowin’s podcast, “It’s That Episode,” a podcast where Craig gets a guest to come over, watch TV and talk about it. I asked to watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast - a show I loved in high school. Loved it so much in fact I wore SG’s logo/emblem/communicator as a tie to my prom. This is so embarrassingly dorky— by posting this I can pretty much insure I will never get laid again. (I did not get laid at prom, nor any other day of high school).

Dave Willis- a writer for SGC2C- was nice enough to recommend a couple of epi’s to watch and then talk to Craig after me. Pretty much a dream come true for me at age 17.

The episode (of the podcast):

The episode (of my life):

OPEN MIC (Submissions Closed) at the UCB Tonight!!

A brand new show of original characters from Nate Smith, Jim Santangeli, and Lou Perez. 

Submitting for a SPANK at the UCB Theater (an audition run) tonight at 6:30. 

UCB Theater

6:30 pm

307 W 26th


Come see the unique, the weird, the uncomfortable, the nervous, the genius and the always (often, sometimes) hilarious performers at this week’s OPEN MIC.  New and original fake characters brought to you by seasoned, professional comedians.  Anyone with a bit can register to perform! (AT THIS TIME REGISTRATION IS CLOSED).  It’s Open Mic!

Created by Jim Santangeli and Nate Smith

With additional original characters by Lou Perez.

Hosted by Dru Johnston.  And featuring Violet Krumbein.