Hello Lonesome awarded BEST ENSEMBLE CAST at the LA Film Festival!!!

HELLO LONESOME, the indie feature I starred in along side Sabrina Lloyd, James Urbaniak, Lynn Cohen, Harry Chase, and Kamel Boutros was awarded BEST ENSEMBLE CAST at the LA Film Festival.

Yes, that means young Nate is winning awards for his acting. I told you this twerpy improv comedian had some chops. Holding my own with the rest of the awesome talent in this movie. I’m delighted. And I’m looking forward to the attention I’m going to get. Right now, I’m in a starbucks and no one noticed me yet. I’m gonna let these F.I.T. students next to me know.

Here’s the Hollywood Reporter announcement

The premiere was awesome by the way. Great reception, red carpet, the whole thing. I’m very happy to have been a part of this. Congratulations to everyone in the cast and the director, writer and producer Adam Reid.

Here’s me at the festival talking about acting: