Nate Smith v. Nate Smith Continued...

Well, it’s taken me a while for me to respond to the petulant Portland Nate Smith (his last post about yours truly) who is busting my balls for no apparent reason other than I have the same name as him, and he’s jealous of how funny I am.  I would have responded earlier, but I was busy performing with my new house sketch team (Maude team) at the UCB Theater, promoting the NYC run of the independent film in which I starred and for which I won awards, shooting TV commercials for Direct TV, auditioning for Adam Sandler movies, performing new improv comedy forms that didn’t go very well, and some cable tv stuff that I’ll talk about one day when my confidentiality agreement allows it.  That’s right Nate Smith of Portland, I am busy with my career of not having children. 

This is me.

This is you. 

I would have photoshopped myself onto that picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, but it’s gonna take too much time.  I have shit to do.  Fortunately, the guy with the baby kinda looks like Nate Smith in Portland a little so no photoshopping necessary.  Let’s say it’s him. Let’s just say Leo is me too.  I’m gonna draw and then bang Kate Winslet shortly.

So that’s my deal.  Just successfully doing comedy and getting foggy in and old Ford with Kate Winslet.  Nice to hear from you though, Nate.  I’ll be back in touch in another month.