Listies: The Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles (& the world)


Phortunate Son
Phonny Business
Phonny Girl
Holden Caufields Everbodys a phonny
Phornicate Later, Eat Pho Now
Vietnamese Noodle Soup Store
Stone Phold Soup
TCBP: The country’s Best Phogurt
Pholin Mills Digital Photography & Pho
Ray Blewis House of Pho
Torontpho (Calgary, CA)
Pho Booth
Tacpho Bell
Ruth Chris’ Pho
Phoma (Copenhagen, DK)
Musspho and Phorank


I’m so happy to be a part of the project, Highly Evolved Human, created by Nick Ross. I directed this series based on Nick’s actual experiences with cancer. He was diagnosed in his mid-twenties, during a time when we were doing comedy together at the UCB Theater in New York. Nick initially created a stage show there at the UCB, then created this web series to talk about his unique experiences as a young guy going through cancer. That included all the unknowns, the scary parts, the weirdnesses and the legitimately funny things that come with being a cancer patient and a cancer survivor. I’m tremendously proud of how they turned out. 

We shot the first few episodes on our own, then partnered with the Youtube channel, SoulPancake to create a bunch more. This is episode five of eight new episodes (three more are due out over the next three Wednesdays). 

Please watch. Share with your friends. And become part of this conversation about cancer - one that we hope makes it seem less scary… and more human. 

Show website:

Entire series available here: