Listies: The Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles (& the world)


Phortunate Son
Phonny Business
Phonny Girl
Holden Caufields Everbodys a phonny
Phornicate Later, Eat Pho Now
Vietnamese Noodle Soup Store
Stone Phold Soup
TCBP: The country’s Best Phogurt
Pholin Mills Digital Photography & Pho
Ray Blewis House of Pho
Torontpho (Calgary, CA)
Pho Booth
Tacpho Bell
Ruth Chris’ Pho
Phoma (Copenhagen, DK)
Musspho and Phorank

Best Holidays That Aren't Holidays but sound like they ought to be

Best Holidays That Aren’t Holidays but sound like they ought to be

1. Cousins Day

2. Last Day of Disco

3. Saint Diego’s Day

4. Butt Day

5. Sanda Day O'Connor Day

6. Lutherkingmas

7. Life Day

8. Palm Pilot Sunday

9. Getaloadathis Day 

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day

11. A National Day During Which We Use Proper Grammar (Strunk And White Day)

12. Ash Tuesday

13. Hannukah